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Race Prep & Maintenance

Set down post event, scale/align including toe, castor, camber, check and bleed brakes, nut and bolt, R&R oil and filter, limited slip additive, rear end gear lube, trans fluids, power and quality control check on in-house dyno, power wash and detail interior and exterior.

Upon return to the shop, we inspect each car. This includes dismounting all 4 tires, placing the car on jack stands, full power wash of entire car, including engine compartment, underside chassis, wheel wells, etc. The car is then put on the lift and our head technician, inspects setup, and prepares the car for the next race event.

A full race prep is performed on the car, this includes changing all fluids, a nut and bolt check over the entire car, brake inspection and service if required, greasing the bearings, and front-end alignment.


BSI Racing has done their homework throughout the years. We do as much possible in house, to prepare the car for maximum performance at the next event.


We keep in contact with the car owner and advise him/her of any repairs needed. Estimates are provided prior to any repairs. Only upon your approval, will we proceed with the work. Sometimes we only have 3 days between events!

Thanks for submitting!


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