Let our years of experience take away all the hassles of booking hotels and transporting, pitting, and maintaining your car for the races. Imagine having your own 53′ hauler stocked with parts and manned by a respected, experienced crew. All you do is fly in for the race!

Here are just some of the services provided by BSI Racing:


Race Car Storage

We store your race car at our facility in Daytona Beach, Florida. Visitors are encouraged! Your vehicle will be included on our master insurance policy.

Transportation Transporter

We can transport your race car to any event that is on our schedule. We own a 53′ Hauler (5 Car capacity), 51′ Enclosed Aluminum trailer (3 Car capacity), 36′ Enclosed 2 car trailer, & single car trailer. We can take up to 10 vehicles per event. Prior notice is appreciated. We can make provisions to transport more if needed.

Trackside Support

You arrive and drive, and we take care of the rest. The cars are kept in our canopied area and maintained our experienced tech crew. Our combined racetrack knowledge is respected nationally. Each track requires the car to be set up to run for optimum performance. Each driver is different there we work individually and in group settings to maximize everyone’s goals.


We offer professional coaching by qualified and respected Mazda representatives diving into race craft and driver development through data acquisition and video.

Pit Stops

We do all your pit stops. We work with you on a one-on-one basis. We need feedback from the driver to make it a great weekend and keep you up front.

Radio Communication

You will always feel like you are part of a team with BSI. We will be there before, during and after every race.

Tire Management

We keep the tires rotated (heat cycled) properly to get the most life out of them. We take care of your inventory and place the orders. Tires are billed to you at the end of a race weekend.


BSI carries a complete parts store on wheels to every event. We have the parts you need to run all through the weekend! Regular customers are not billed for parts used during an event until after the weekend.


Upon return to the shop, we inspect each car. This includes dismounting all 4 tires, placing the car on jack stands, full power wash of entire car, including engine compartment, underside chassis, wheel wells, etc. The car is then put on the lift and our head technician, inspects setup, and prepares the car for the next race event.

A full race prep is performed on the car, this includes changing all fluids, a nut and bolt check over the entire car, brake inspection and service if required, greasing the bearings, and front-end alignment.

BSI Racing has done their homework throughout the years. We do as much possible in house, to prepare the car for maximum performance at the next event.

pit_cartWe keep in contact with the car owner and advise him/her of any repairs needed. Estimates are provided prior to any repairs. Only upon your approval, will we proceed with the work. Sometimes we only have 3 days between events!

Collision Repair

At BSI Racing, we also repair unfortunate on-track collision damage at the shop. Windshields, body work, painting, vinyl graphics are all done in house.

Scheduling and Hotel Reservations

We pre-book hotel rooms based on our racing schedule. Part of the services provided to our regular clients of BSI Racing, include hotel reservations booked in your name. All you need to do is book a flight, rent a car, jump a plane, or hitchhike your way to the track. We do the rest!

Terms of Payment

We accept check, wire, Visa, and MasterCard.

BSI Racing is your one stop shop for all your racing needs! Please call us today to learn more about how you can become involved in the fun.