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Steven Clemons Jr. Races in Support of Eli Myers, 3-year-old with Stage 3 Neuroblastoma Cancer


Prepared by: RTD Media & Management

Photo Credit: Halston Pitman

Date: September 15, 2023

“Eli Myers, Son of Sebring’s AMR Safety Team Member, Justin Myers to be represented at Sebring”

September 15, 2023 – Justin Myers has been on call to help racers since 2020 as he is a member of Sebring International Raceway AMR Safety Team. Today, Justin and his family need our support. Stepping up to the plate to lead the charge is BSI Racing and Steven Clemons Jr. as they are inviting you to join them to help support Eli’s journey and treatment with Neuroblastoma cancer during the upcoming round of the Toyota GR Cup North America event in Sebring, Florida.

“I am honored to have the opportunity to race for Eli Myers and the “Chasin’ a Dream’ initiative,” explained Steven Clemons Jr. “We hope to not only have our best results of the season but to also help raise money to help Eli and his family.”

Currently, Eli is undergoing five cycles of chemo before his surgery to remove the tumor in his abdomen in November. After that, Eli will need to go to Miami for a vigorous stem cell transplant which will require the family to live in Miami for a three-month minimum. This family is full of love, as they have three other little boys, but this also makes this situation extremely difficult. While Eli is hospitalized the family will have tremendous hurdles to overcome financial burdens and the travel and living accommodations from Jupiter to Miami, Florida during this time.

Shea Holbrook added, “No parent should have to divide time between their children under these circumstances. No child should have to feel divided from their parents or siblings during hard and uncertain times.”

Through the Chasin’ A Dream Foundation, a fundraiser has been set up to support the Myers family during this time. All donations will go to the Myers to help elevate their financial burdens, help find a short-term place to live in Miami and support the family so they can keep Eli’s treatment and recovery the priority.

Ways to support include:

- Donations through Chasin’ A Dream

The Goal:

- BSI Racing and Steven Clemons Jr are looking to raise a minimum of $40,000 through

About Justin Myers and his Sebring Emergency Services experience:

Justin has been part of the safety team since September of 2020. Justin has worked every major race and event held at Sebring since September 2020 including an event held for Chasin’ A Dream. Justin has held many duties while working for AMR at Sebring such as the primary 911 responding unit, critical care unit that is based out of the care center, and medical pit cart. Justin has done extensive training for hyper cars to ensure the safety of the drivers and spectators and roll over extrication training. Justin goes to work loving what he does. Let’s help make this time a little easier on him.

About Chasin’ A Dream

Chasin A Dream Foundation empowers families with children facing life-threatening illnesses by providing personalized, transformative support. Our mission is to ease the burden on families with children battling cancer, cystic fibrosis, heart disease, and other life-threatening illnesses and disabilities, by offering individualized assistance that promotes healing and hope.

Founder, Lori Griffith, previously worked in the healthcare industry for the past 18 years, giving her a first hand look at what these children and their families face on a day to day basis. Lori wanted to be able to make more of a direct impact by providing life-changing assistance year round so she dedicated herself to building Chasin A Dream Foundation, based on her belief in community and Locals Helping Locals®.

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