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HMS Starts The Year Strong In Daytona

The Daytona International Speedway is an Iconic track and is the perfect place to start each season of racing. Before the MX-5 Cup, DIS runs practices, qualifying, and races for a full week before the Rolex 24-Hour starts. The MX-5 Cup is the final race before the beasts run 24 hours without a break.

Bryan Hixon said himself, "I've got a good feeling about 2023." The drivers and the teams are optimistic and full of energy starting this year. Everyone is thrilled about the new drivers and the new liveries that will change up the look of Hixon Motor Sports.

HMS Headed to track 1 of 6 Wednesday, January 25th for practice laps. During Practice 1, Connor Zilisch hit the last lap at 2:09.596. During Practice 2 Thomas Annunziata finished second with a time of 2:07.994, 0.250 behind the leader.

Connor Zilisch made many proud by taking the pole position spot going into race 1. Connor, number 72, qualified with a time of 2:07.339. Connor stays in the front of the pack for the race. Bruno Smielevsk takes the lead going into the last lap of race 1, Zilisch takes 3rd place on NASCAR turn 4 and slipstreams into 2nd.

Connor Zilisch leads the pack

Race 2 starts with 3 Hixon drivers in the top 10 positions. The race was tight with high position changes throughout the run. Selin Rollan took 4th place, the best-finishing HMS driver of race 2. Jonathan Neudorf number 55, a rookie, took P9!

Hanna Zellers won best-finishing female in race 2, taking the stage with the podium drivers!

Daytona all around is a great experience and every visit creates new memories we will all look back on. It's good to be running again, the next track...Grand Prix of St Petersburg.

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Written by Tyler Mard

Photography by Daytona Media

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