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Happy New Years From BSI

2022 was a great year of many podium finishes celebrated together. Everyone, drivers and our team, was consistent and worked hard without letting up. We are flat-foot shifting into 2023, but this year we are growing. New drivers, new cars, and new race series are becoming part of the story.

Take a quick look at 2022!

Rollan returns to Hixon Motorsports and hits a podium at the Roar Before the 24

Zilisch, Roar Before the 24


BSI House Cars head-to-head

Weekend sweep

Racing through the snow at Mid-Ohio!

Clemons thankfully walks away from a 90 mph head-on crash

Starting the Pink Pony 2.0

Clemons Pink Pony 2.0


Jack gets Mechanic of the Year from the MX-5 Cup!

Shea Holbrook. A driver, a mom, and owner of BSI racing.

Owner and King or BSI racing, Nick Chorley

Luigi, it's a real Ferrari

Brian Hixon invites us together for a Christmas celebration!

BSI Racing is growing in 2023, starting with new drivers. We have a new website and more blog posts like this one. Stay with us, dont get left behind. We having so much to do like the upcoming Roar Before the 24 Jan 21st.

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Written By Tyler Mard

Photography by

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