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Clemons Pink Pony 2.0

The Pink Pony was an NB Spec Miata that raced in 2021 and 2022. Steven Clemons was the driver and participated in various events such as SCCA. We loved watching this pink car racing around the track. The race car drove like a flamingo running from a hyena.

Miata Buddies

During the June sprints of 2022, Steven crashed his Miata at 96 mph recorded at an 8+ g-force impact. After another driver lost control stopping on the track, Stevens visibly was very minimal among the group and was the unlucky driver to hit him head-on.

It is so fortunate Steven walked away. He recovered from a vertebrae fracture, bruising a lung, and getting a couple of scrapes/bruises. This crash is not stopping Clemons from racing again, so we built a new one.

The last of the original Pony
The Pink Pony 2.0 is finished with fresh-cut stickers on the cleanest paint ready to hit the track for the first time.


Greenville, SC Working as an Audi Valet.
When did you start getting into cars/racing?

SC: I’ve always been into cars but I really started by getting into the car show scene. I had always wanted to take my daily driver on the track and when I turned 17 I did just that. I never really paid a whole lot of attention to the racing scene until I started racing myself which my first race was on august 21.

The Pink pony was bought in January of 2021 first racing in VIR.

What was your favorite event with the car?

SC: First time I was at Daytona bump drafting with my coach Patrick Wilmot!

How do you react to the crash now?

SC: I’m pretty chill about it and the car gets posted every couple of months. Everybody has their opinions but actually knowing how it happened I don’t care what other people think. Whenever I see the in-car video, I do think well I could’ve died but I never think because I almost died I’m not going to stop racing. Physically I’m the same person before the crash so why not continue racing is my mindset.

Is there anyone you want to shout out that supported you through the Pink Pony v1?

SC: I’d like to thank my parents and my coach Patrick Wilmot because they have been the ones with me since day one.

SC: It’s great to have a brand new built just for you, but I honestly can’t call it an upgrade. It is slightly different because it is a VVT model but not drastically different between the two. My goals for this year are just to give it my all and I’d be proud of myself. Although I wouldn't mind a couple podiums.

SC: The pink pony name was Patrick’s idea to name it after a strip club in ATL Georgia and it was originally as a joke but it stuck.

So fortunate for Mazda and the safety regulations we follow kept Steven alive to hit the track once again.


The teardown of the new Pony begins.
Bumper to bumper...
Seats to dash...
We stripped this Miata to the bones.
We started this Spec Miata build with an in-house fabricated roll cage.
Cages are built for a safe impact 360 degrees around the vehicle.
Including rollovers.
The body of the Miata begins to be assembled and prepared for paint.
With white as a secondary color or choice, the Pony stands out in the crowd.
BSI Racing branded.
New digital dash for a high-performance experience.
Check engine light came on. Does anyone see the problem?
Assembly complete, ready for numbers and stickers!
Clemons Spec Miata #76 by BSI Racing.
Steven Clemons.
Pink Pony Two.0
Clemons Racing

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Written by Tyler Mard

Photography by Daytona Media

Published by Daytona Media

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