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Clemons Jumps in the GR86 Cup

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Introducing the GR86 Cup by Toyota, a new racing program via north America by Toyota. Drivers, teams, fans, and even Toyota are all ready to kick off the first race this year at Sonoma Raceway in California. Clemons Racing is the first to join the 2023 series at BSI racing. The team has put in overtime working hard to prepare for the season, we will be ready to launch on March 31st!


"The series mission is simple – to provide a competitive and affordable race series supported by a best-in-class purse and prize package. The series will focus on teams and drivers by offering world-class hospitality and engagement to all who participate and attend. Most importantly, the GR Cup was designed to celebrate car culture and motorsports by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts."

What is the GR86? In short, a Toyota built alongside Subaru featuring an N/A 4-cylinder boxer engine, the car was built to be an affordable featherweight sports car for anyone to enjoy. The 228HP coupe comes rear-wheel drive and is noticeably clingy when it's hugging the inside corners. The GR86 is sleek and a fun daily-driven car available for anyone to purchase.

The GR86 Cup Car has a few upgrades that you might not see right away on the streets of America. Toyota Racing Development mentions modifications including Bosch engine management, custom Borla exhaust, and a SADEV 6-speed sequential transmission for increased racing performance. Upgraded Alcon brakes, JRI adjustable shocks, and a carbon fiber rear wing to give the extra push making it a monster around the corners. Last but not least, OMP safety equipment and roll cage are installed and nessesary to keep our drivers alive and well. TRD includes much more for the build to operate at its finest!

Steven Clemons Jr. runs #76 in an MX-5 Cup car with Hixon Motor Sports and will continue to run the number through the GR86 series. Clemons has been running Mazda Miatas with BSI since 2021 and we are thrilled to have Steven through this new program. We love his mustache but we also think Steven is talented and dedicated to racing.

Steven Clemons Jr:

"I’m really happy and glad to be a part of the new Toyota GR86 cup series. I’m really happy with the GR86 cup car and the build quality just in general. I feel very at home in the chassis just because my daily for the past 3.5 years now has been a BRZ chassis. For some of the races, I’ll even be bringing my 2022 BRZ show car for people to check out when they stop by the tent. Overall very glad to be a part of this first year and can’t wait to meet everyone involved and race against some new people."

Shea Holbrook is feeling confident for this year and is going to push the team to the limit, she is looking to have some fun but is also out for great success for Clemons Racing. We are all thrilled about the new memories to come, but Shea is looking forward to the memories to create within the family.

Rusty of Side Effects Custom Wraps
Side Shot of the Pink GR86
What the the competive racers will be seeing
Pink GR86
Ladys and Gentalmen, Steven Clemons Jr.

Learn more about the GR86 Cup Series: Follow Clemons Racing on Instagram: View more articles: BSI Facebook: BSI Instagram: Written by Tyler Mard Published by Daytona Media

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